Summer Bridge


Dillon O'Brien, Staff Writer

During the summer, TEA offered a $20,000 grant known as “Summer Bridge” to schools to give students access to take high school classes in the summer as a bridge into high school as a freshman. The idea behind Summer Bridge is to get kids in the summer involved in the principal courses so that they would have a little more freedom when they begin high school. In general, the main reason the grant was given to us was so the students could get a leg up on endorsement pathways. 

“Rosebud Lott tends to have difficulties, because we are so small, with being able to offer two-credit courses in a two hour period.” – Correculicam Director, Shannah Howel states when questioned about the program. 

There were a total of 12 kids involved in this program, two being seventh graders and 10 being eighth-graders. Labron Washington, Eric Hernandez, Cathryn Gutierrez, Yahir Mendoza, Leon Rolando, Miranda Teeter, Gustavo Loera, Robbie Sullivan, Javier Vaquera, Timothy Kruger, Rigo Ibarra, Tyler Herzog, Jaqueline Maldonaldo, and Wesley Wagner. The kids were involved in many principal classes including the animal science, welding, and the accounting pathways.

The entire summer bridge program pose for a photo.
Student continues to weld his project.