Academic UIL Gears Up

Academic UIL Gears Up

Academic UIL events are beginning practice for the district competition in March.

There are a variety of available spots open on several teams. Coaches hold practices at different times throughout the week and are available for extra help when requested. Students interested in an event should contact the coach in charge for more information.

Events and Coaches are:

Accounting – Mrs. Trubee

Calculator Applications – Mr. Henderson

Current Issues & Events – Mr. Woodworth

Debate & Student Congress – Mr. Woodworth

Literary Criticism – TBA

Copy Editing – Mrs. Tepe

Editorial Writing – Mrs. Tepe

Feature Writing – Mrs. Tepe

Headline Writing – Mrs. Tepe

News Writing – Mrs. Tepe

Mathematics – Mr. Henderson

Number Sense – Mr. Henderson

One Act Play – Mr. Woodworth

Poetry & Prose Interpretation – Mr. Woodworth

Ready Writing – Mrs. Tepe

Social Studies – Mr. Wright

Science – Mr. Allen

Speaking: Informative  & Persuasive РMr. Woodworth

Spelling & Vocabulary – Ms. McCann

Theatrical Design – Mr. Woodworth

Film Contest – Mr. Woodworth