Band Earns Sweepstakes at Final Competition


The Rosebud-Lott High School Cougar Band earned sweepstakes ratings at the La Vega marching contest on Tuesday, October 15.

This marks the band’s 19th year of Division 1 performance ratings.

“Their fall production, entitled ‘Paradise’, was one of their most difficult productions yet and they were still rated with a 1-1-1,” assistant Band Director Peter Millican said.  “One of the UIL judges congratulated Mr. Veteto in stating that the Cougar Marching Band is ready for the next level.”

The RLHS Roaring Cougar Band also received the best possible ratings at McGregor (Oct. 5),  Troy (Oct. 8),  UMHB (Oct. 10),  Whitney (Oct. 12), and La Vega (Oct. 15).