American Ninja Warrior visits Rosebud-Lott


Jared Greer of the company Overcoming Obstacles, came to Rosebud-Lott High School to spread motivation and positivity to the students before summer break.

Greer participated in the American Ninja Warrior Challenge, televised on NBC. He competed for over three years, each time bettering his time and completion of the course.

“My first and second times I had limited training,” Greer said. “I didn’t do very well, but I felt encouraged by everybody.”

Encouragement is what Greer needed to succeed. The third time he returned with more training and motivated to complete the course in record time. Greer then decided to take that energy that helped him succeed and share it with others. He joined forces with his father and formed the company Overcoming Obstacles, were he travels around the country, motivating others to push for their dreams.

His message to the students of Rosebud-Lott was simple – encourage, inspire and overcome. ┬áHe spoke to the students about encouraging others around them to reach their goals. He went on to say that with encouragement comes inspiration. You dream bigger when you are encouraged to do so which allows you to overcome obstacles in life.

Greer himself came from humble beginnings. He grew up in a small town, much like the towns around the school. He became a youth pastor at his church, hoping to inspire his students as much as they inspired him. In fact, it was his students that encouraged him to go on the television show to begin with and compete with himself and against others.

“Life is more like ninja than anything else,” he said. “it’s me against my course, my personal challenges.”

He encouraged the students of Rosebud-Lott to look beyond their lives, to encourage those around them and to help overcome the obstacles that life throws in your way. In a way to demonstrate this, several students and faculty members were asked to race on the equipment that he brought with him. Students reinforced his concepts through encouraging others to complete the obstacle course.

“You cannot let the voices that are distracting you keep you from your goals,” Greer said. “In the daily grind, you have to put in the work.”

Greer also spoke to the public that night, including allowing the public to take their chance on the ninja equipment that he trains on.