Students compete at County Fair


Students from Rosebud-Lott participated in the Falls County Youth Fair last Wednesday – Friday in Marlin. Several students from the Rosebud-Lott FFA competed and took home awards. The results from the show are:

Cattle Divisions

Steers – Class 1 Lightweights

Wesley Wagner – 1st place

Brooke Skala – 4th place

Steers – Class 3 HeavyWeight

Addison Wilde – 1st place

Beef Showmanship Sr. Division – Addison Wilde

British Heifer Division

Wesley Wagner – 1st place

Champion British Heifer – Wesley Wagner

Overall Grand Champion Beef – Wesley Wagner

Ag Mechanics Show

Work Tables

Ryan Dutton – 1st place

Bo McGinnis – 2nd place

Overall Reserve Champion – Ryan Dutton

Goats Division

Market Goat – Light

Easton Fulton – 1st place

Gracie Doskocil – 5th place

Ryan Dutton

Market Goat – Medium

Isabel Rodriguez – 8th place

Market Goat – Med. Heavy

Kinsey Hargrove – 5th place

Market Goat – Heavy

Isabel Rodriguez – 8th place

Easton Fulton – 2nd place

Kinsey Hargrove – 1st place

Goat Showmanship Sr. Division – Kinsey Hargrove

Breeding Goat – Class 1

Isabel Rodriguez

Ryan Dutton

Breeding Goat – Class 3

Isabell Rodriguez – 4th place

Pigs Division

Market Swine – Light

Kayley Robertson – 10th place

Timothy Kruger – 9th place

Sherlyn Mondragon – 8th place

Daniel Rodriguez – 6th place

Zanadi Burns – 12th place

Market Swine – Medium

Dalan Willburg – 2nd place

Zoey Fikes – 3rd place

Andree Colunga – 4th place

Market Swine – Med. Heavy

Jeremy Ellison – 3rd place

Preston Hering – 7th place

Isabell Rodriguez – 1st place

Market Swine – Heavy

Dalan Willburg – 9th place

Zoey Fikes – 2nd place

Isabell Rodriguez – 1st place

Reserve Champion Market Hog – Isabell Rodriguez

Breeding Swine

Zanadi Burns

Preston Hering

Isabell Rodriguez

Dalan Willburg – 3rd place

Jeremy Ellison – 6th place

Kayley Robertson