Guest Speaker Energizes Teachers


Teachers gathered on Wednesday, August 10, to officially begin the 2022-2023 school year. Among the speakers of the day, teachers listened to special guest Erin Gruwell, original teacher behind “Freedom Writers,” a best selling book and inspiration behind a major motion picture starring Hillary Swank.

Gruwell spoke about the reasons and the thoughts behind the inspiration for the book and how the students were engaged enough to change their life. Gruwell inspired everyone present to reach out and connect with students.

“Family is what you make; family is what you choose,” said Gruwell.

During the afternoon time, Dr. James Rosebrock, RLISD superintendent, spoke to the staff about the positives of the coming year and challenged each teacher to connect this year. Rosebrock displayed the state of the district to the teachers and energized the crowd with positive energy for the upcoming year.

Student and parents are welcome to meet their teachers Aug. 15th at 6pm. First day of school is August 17th.