Cougar Powerlifting Results – 1/22


Dillon O'Brien, Staff Writer

     The results are in! This past Saturday the Cougar Powerlifting team traveled to Rio Vista. We are proud to announce that the Cougars took home 3rd place for both girls and boys!

Girls Individual Awards: 

     Chloe Vega – 1st place

     Sydney Parcus – 1st place

     Kelcie Benson – 2nd place

     Arianna Flores – 2nd place

     Illeana Rodrigues – 2nd place

     Maria Rodriguez – 3rd place

     Jaymi Patterson – 3rd place

     Jackie Maldonado – 5th place

Boys Individual Awards: 

     Easton Fulton – 1st place

     Daniel Rodriguez – 1st place

     Carlos Saucedo – 2nd place

     Elijah Flores – 3rd place

     Alvin Clarkson Williams – 3rd place 

     Aidan Valdez – 4th place

     Jason Allison – 4th place

     Nolan Khalig – 5th place

     Nik Caproni – 5th place