Volleyball attend tournament in Florida


Volleyball team poses for a picture at Universal.

Dillon O'Brien, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, September 1st, the Varsity Volleyball team took a major trip to Orlando, Florida. The trip consisted of them competing in a Volleyball tournament which also included a vacation at Universal Studios Orlando. This year, Rosebud Lott’s head Volleyball coach, Mrs. Spencer, took 16 girls on this trip, including Mr. Henderson, who is also a Volleyball coach. Mrs. Spencer is the founder of the trip for Rosebud Lott, stating that she began introducing it 10 years ago with her previous school, and later brought it up to administration when hired here. Teams travel all over the United States to attend this tournament, but due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, there was a shortage of teams compared to a normal year. As a result of this, Rosebud Lott only played 6 matches this year, and they played very well in all of them.

According to Mrs. Spencer, the Varsity Volleyball girls attend this trip every other year, and this one being the fifth group that has gone. This trip keeps the athletes excited about not only the season, but the program in general. In conclusion, the Volleyball girls had a very exciting time in Florida, making lifelong memories with some of their best friends. 

Volleyball team poses for a group photo after tournament.
Volleyball team poses for a picture at Universal. (Amanda Spencer)
Volleyball team prepares for the play. (Amanda Spencer)