Teachers receive Grants


Maria Rodriguez, Contributor

This summer, teachers were able to apply for grants from the school board to help with classroom supplies beyond what is normally ordered. Several teachers applied, but only a few were granted the money to order their supplies. The MS/HS grant recepients are Mrs. Trubee, Mr. Veteto and Mr. Millican, Mrs. Mock, Mrs. Sullivan-Tepe, and Mr. Allen. Mrs. Trubee will be receiving a computer upgrade to her existing lab. Mr. Veteto and Mr. Millican will be receiving new instruments for the band. Mrs. Mock will get more equipment for her robotics club and science classes. Mrs. Sullivan-Tepe will be getting new cameras for the journalism classes and Mr. Allen will also be getting new equipment for his biology class. Also, each classroom teacher has received $1000 for classroom supplies this year. All the money is coming from the COVID-19 funds sent to us from the federal government by the state of Texas.

Dr. Rosebrock present Mrs. Mock with her grant check.
Mr. Veteto and Mr. Millican receive their grant check from Dr. Rosebrock.
Mr. Allen received a grant for classroom supplies for science.
Mrs. Trubee receives a grant check from Dr. Rosebrock.
Dr. Rosebrock presents Mrs. Sullivan-Tepe with a grant check.