COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic set for this Friday


Teresa Sullivan-Tepe, Advisor

Baylor Scott and White, in conjunction with Rosebud-Lott ISD, will be holding a COVID-19 Vaccination clinic this Friday. The clinic is open to all residents within the Rosebud-Lott ISD borders. COVID-19 has surged in recent months with the introduction into society of the Delta variant. Hospitalizations have doubled over the last couple months and hospitals report at full capacity dur to the virus. In the effort to stave off the influx of the virus, health officials have dropped the vaccination age to 12 years old in an effort to have more school age children vaccinated. Anyone, 12 years of age or older, is welcome to come to the clinic. Doors open at 4pm Friday for vaccinations and will continue through 8pm that night. Health officials will return in exactly two weeks to administer the second dose of the vaccine. Parent/guardians MUST be in attendance with children under the age of 18. Parents can speed up the process by registering ahead of time by texting BETTER to 88408 or going online to Health officials will be in attendance to answer any questions.