Convocation starts year for RLISD staff


Teresa Sullivan

Dr. Rosebdrock address the staff during the District convocation on Thursday, Aug. 6.

Dr. James Rosebrock opened the new 2020-2021 school year with a positive note this past Thursday during district convocation.

“We (RLISD) are a gem that needs to be polished,” Dr. Rosebrock said. “We want excellence in everything we do.”

Among the several issues addressed, Dr. Rosebrock went over the new COVID-19 rules for the coming year. With the new social distancing and mask rules, students and staff now have to adjust to differences within the classroom.

New innovation with the district’s technology was a highlight of Dr. Rosebrock’s presentation. Students can now choose between an asynchronous learning environment, which means they can stay home but learn from online work assigned by their teacher, or a synchronous system that involves on-campus learning. The district has purchased software to allow students to learn from home but still be able to keep up with students who attend at school. The goal for the district is to keep students and teachers on the same path and moving forward in their education.

“Everybody should be headed in the same direction,” Dr. Rosebrock said. “And that’s my goal.”

Highlights from the convocation include the cheerleaders and band drumline entertaining the staff. Door prizes from community businesses were also given away. Staff members left feeling optomistic about this school year.


Assistant Superintendent Natalie Parcus address the staff during the district convocation. (Teresa Sullivan)
Staff members socially distance from each other at the district convocation. (Teresa Sullivan)