Robotics has good turnaround at first competition


Students fine tune their robot at competition.

Ashlie Gary, Staff Writer

On Saturday February 9,2019 the R-L High School Robotics Team took place in a competition at New Diana High School. The Robotics Team played in 8 rounds throughout the day, they won a total of 5 rounds and ended up being 7th out of the 21 teams that competed. They were interviewed by six different judges on how they put together their robot and how the programming is. Each person on the team had a specific job Andrew and Rebecca are the main builders, Logan is the programmer, Chandler is the scout, and Ashlie Gary is the one who makes sure that the team has everything they need. The team ended up making it to the finals bracket and got to team up with a different school. The team worked very hard to make it to the next round but lost the round to the other set of teams. The Robotics team hopes that they can make a bigger impact at the competition next year.


Mrs. Mock looks on as Andrew Saldivar and Brianna Mendoza check in their robot for competition.
Students watch as their robot executes commands during the competition.