Administrators make changes to the High School


Dillon O'Brien, Staff Writer

Over the summer of 2021, the Rosebud-Lott High School implemented many changes throughout the school. The maintenance team worked tirelessly to get these changes complete for the school year; many of which were finished right before the year began.

The changes that were implemented this summer include a brand new gym, the removal of lockers within various locations, and changes throughout the cafeteria. In addition, miscellaneous changes were added such as new chairs in the office, new fire extinguishers as well as a new resting area.

Along with the new changes, the superintendent, Dr. Rosebrock plans to add a plethora of additions including a new PA system, new furniture, phones in the classrooms, repaint the classrooms, redo the floors, and redo the wiring.


During the summer, the walls were redone, as well as a new resting area was added.
Chairs were added into the office area.
More tables, chairs, and a new counter top were added to the cafeteria.
The old Gym floor was revamped, as well as new lights.
New cutting tables were added to the Ag shop.